Our Products Tea Queen of Ceylon

TM "Ceylon Queen" gives advantage for price competition. Thanks to inexpensive packaging, it was possible to maintain good quality tea at a very competitive price. The trade mark is presented as weight on 100, 200, 250 g, and packed tea on 20 and 102 bags without a label.

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"Queen of Ceylon" 100 g, 250 g

weighted ceylon tea

Black Ceylon tea in a carton

100 g, 250 g

"Queen of Ceylon" soft pack 200 g

soft pack Ceylon tea

Black Ceylon tea in soft packaging

200 g

"Queen of Ceylon" 20, 102 sweat without a label


Black Ceylon Tea Packaged

20*1.5g without tag, 105*1.5g without tag

"Queen of Ceylon" Alpine plantations 25 sachets, 100 sachets


This is tea bag with a label. In addition to improving the convenience of brewing in two new positions by packing 25 and 100 bags, a new recipe is used, which must be liked by lovers of classic black teas.

25 sachets of 2 grams, 100 sachets of 2 grams