Our Products Tea Tee Garten

TM Tee Garten is developed on the basis of the German tea-making company Teegarten GmbH with the same name. Teegarten GmbH is located in Germany and specializes in creating elite blends of large leaf teas with natural additives.

TM Tee Garten is the second joint project of Russian and German company for HoReCa segment. This direction is the face of Teegarten GmbH itself, where impeccable quality of raw materials, high standards and guarantees of work with partners have been preserved. 

With the seeming variety of tea brands, TM Tee Garten is distinguished by reliability, flexibility and great potential in the future. Strong basis of quality, modern methods of management and conducting partnerships form this brand.


Advantages of Tee Garten project: 

  • Carefully selected tea card TM Tee Garten allows to fully meet the needs of restaurateurs and bartenders. Four classes of tea - four possibilities to find your buyer. 
  • High quality tea standards. 
  • Offer unique tastes. 
  • Aromatic fresh tea. 
  • Comfortable soft packaging with full information and easy navigation. 
  • Providing marketing support when promoting the product. 


The purpose of TeeGarten TM in the Russian market is to represent the best varieties of tea from all over the world, to satisfy the most demanding customers and form long-term cooperation. 

Constant quality control, adaptation to the preferences of the Russian consumer make this product universal and relevant to the domestic market institutions HoReCa. The aim of the project is to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy high quality fresh tea in a favorite restaurant in their city.

Royal Ceylon

Tea black bayhovy Ceylon large leaf. Top of the line. Deep, whole flavour and delicate flavour make traditional Ceylon tea classics Tee Garten an exquisite drink.

Altai thyme

Black tea, thyme, cornflower petals. Top of the line. An unusually fragrant tea bouquet with bright thyme notes and an exquisite citrus tint reveals itself in every drop of the enchanting drink. The thick color of the infusion and a light herbal aftertaste make the tea drinking a truly memorable experience.

Hot Kenya

Hot Kenya. Tea black bayhovy Kenyan large leaf. Top of the line. Fragrant fragrant tea with delicate, mild flavor and thick infusion is delivered directly from the roast of Kenya. The aftertaste of tea is multifaceted and opens up gradually. The drink will be to the taste of even the most spoilt connoisseurs of black tea.

Sweet nights Yunnan

Sweet nights, Yunnan. Tea black bayhovy Chinese large leaf. Top of the line. Tart drink of dark amber color with notes of freshness of summer rain and velvety aftertaste of ripe prunes. The delicate, exquisite fruity aroma completes the unique image of a noble drink.

Strawberry dessert

Black tea, strawberries. Top of the line. Natural strawberry pieces reveal their delightful aroma, delicate, sweet taste and long aftertaste of fresh berries in the tea infusion. Combined with classic black tea, the velvety taste of strawberries gives an extraordinary pleasure.

Juicy mangoes

Black tea, "mango", "passion fruit"... Top of the line. The delicate petals of delicate calendula flowers, cornflower and safflower make the classic taste of black bych tea refined and refined. The amber infusion of the drink has a soft, gradually opening flavour with a delicate aroma of exotic mangoes and a citrus aftertaste.

Chocolate de luxe

Black tea, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla. Top of the line. The delicate, enveloping taste of chocolate fills every drop of noble black tea. The rich, slightly tart infusion of the classic drink is permeated with a slightly subtle flavour of vanilla, and the chocolate slices that make up the tea leave a light aftertaste of your favourite delicacy.

English breakfast

Black Assam tea, black Kenyan tea. Top of the line. The exquisite taste of tea classics opens up a whole palette of flavours. Tart, slightly astringent, with a subtle, pleasant aroma and rich bright amber hue will please even the most demanding connoisseurs of English traditions.

Palace Puerto

Tea black Puerto. Top of the line. A sensual drink with a mild flavour and strong dried fruit flavour is made especially for real gourmets. Thick tea infusion of rich, dark-burgundy color has an enveloping viscosity with a subtle aftertaste.

London Lights

Tea black, bergamot, orange flowers. Top of the line. The unique aroma of bergamot is perfectly combined with classic Ceylon black tea. Natural citrus oil emphasizes the tartness of tea and makes its taste enveloping, sensual and deep. Delicate orange flowers and slices of a juicy apple give a special, unique softness to the aftertaste.

Noble Assam

Tea is black Assam. Top of the line. The tea is distinguished by a strong infusion of rich red, a subtle honey-floral flavor, rich taste and tart, astringent flavor. A charming drink for lovers of fine classics.

Mountain darjeeling

Black Indian Darjeeling tea. Top of the line. An extraordinary drink with light amber infusion colour and refined nutmeg flavour is the most fragrant of all black teas. It is rightly called « tea champagne »... The drink captivates with its floral aroma and leaves a light, delicate aftertaste.

Milk Puer

Tea black Puer, "milk "... Top of the line. The invigorating Milk Puer is ideal for a morning drink: it invigorates and tones the body, giving the body energy and freshness. Color of tea infusion beautiful dark red, opaque, with a stunning soft milk — vanilla flavor.

Vienna almond

Black tea, almonds. Top of the line. The bright aroma of tea combined with the flavour of almonds, apples and raisins will remind you of warm, iridescent family evenings. The uniqueness of this tea is in the gradual disclosure of taste - hot tea drink is filled with the bright aroma of an apple and light flavor of almonds, when cooled down almond notes become richer, acquiring nut bitterness. The raisins give a spicy taste, there is a little sweetness in the aftertaste.

Wood truffle

Tea black, "truffle " walnut. Top of the line. The velvety taste of black tea is complemented by the nobility of truffle and walnut. The strong aroma of tea will remain in the memory for a long time, because chocolate has never been so precisely emphasized by fruit. While walnuts and almonds give strength and saturation to the drink, litchi and ripe mangoes soften the aftertaste, making it bitterly sweet with a chocolate flavour.

Chinese garden

Tea green bayhovy Chinese large leaf. Top of the line. The magical, exquisite taste of green tea with a delicate flavour of freshness has a delicate flavour and perfectly quenches thirst. A magnificent bouquet completes the soft, even aftertaste.

Emerald Jasmine

Tea is green bychovaya large-leafed with jasmine. Top of the line. This amazing drink is created especially for the skillful connoisseurs of tart green tea. The drink is distinguished by its exquisite aroma of delicate jasmine flowers, infusion of delicate amber hue and velvety aftertaste.

Exotic desires

Tea is green, orange, lemon. Top of the line. The daring freshness of citrus combined with the delicate fragrance of green tea makes this drink special! The sunny color of tea infusion has a light texture and allows you to enjoy the soft taste and delicate aftertaste of sweet orange.

Japanese linden

Green tea, lime flowers, lemon, chamomile. Top of the line. The unique composition harmoniously combines the warming warmth of delicate chamomile and the bright freshness of lemongrass. The drink with a gentle yellow infusion color and a charming flavor will warm up in cold winters and give freshness to hot summers.

Turquoise Ulun

Tea is the green Ulun. Top of the line. The tea infusion ranges from tender pink to golden with a fresh herbal flavour and a rich, sophisticated flavour. The taste is characterized by the absence of the usual tartness of green tea, which makes the drink refined and sensual.

Strawberry sleep

Green tea, strawberries, "cream "... Top of the line. The gentle infusion of green tea and pieces of ripe strawberries give the drink a truly mesmerizing taste and leave a delicate aftertaste. The tea aroma is filled with notes of ripe juicy berries.

Dairy oolong

Tea green Ulun, "milk "... Top of the line. The charming first drop of the delicate and refined aftertaste of milk distinguishes this extraordinary green tea. Delicate fragrance, sunny infusion color and fine taste of the drink will surprise even the most sophisticated connoisseurs.

Ginseng oolong

Ginseng oolong. Tea is green Ulun, ginseng. Top of the line. A truly magical drink that has absorbed the enchanting aroma and sweetness of Ginseng. Honey color of infusion with a soft, enveloping flavor harmoniously complements the composition of oriental flowers. The drink is boldly captivating with its sweetness, leaving a delicate, sweet aftertaste.

The Noble House of Saint-Cha.

Tea green bayhovy Japanese Seng Cha. Top of the line. Traditional Saint-Cha tea has a tart velvet flavour with light mustard and distinct fresh herbal notes. The drink leaves an unforgettable plume of multifaceted shades of summer meadow.

Yellow Rose

Green tea, tea rose buds. Top of the line. Light, refreshing tea gives not only a good mood, but also a boost of vigor and health, thanks to natural lemongrass and licorice. The fragrance of the drink is bright floral, however, the taste is soft pleasant, perfectly quenches thirst. Apple, lemongrass makes the aftertaste sour-sweet.

Hawaiian flower

Tea green, "mango", "passion fruit "... Top of the line. An exquisite bouquet of tropical flowers, collected on the sunny beach of the sultry island, gives an indescribable feeling of bliss! The most delicate combination of soft taste, exquisite aroma and delicate aftertaste gives a juicy drop of exotic drink.

Honeybush honey

Honeybush herbal tea. Ethnic South African drink has a delicate sweet aroma and woody honey taste. Pleasantly pouring warmth over the whole body, Hanibush gently warms and perfectly quenches thirst.

Roybush "Kalahari "

Tea herbal rooibos, lemon. Amazing, rich taste of herbal tea rooibosh is framed by bright notes of refreshing lemongrass. Bright orange tea drink infusion has a pronounced herbal flavour and a soft, citrus aftertaste.

Roebush - Toffey

Tea herbal rooibos, caramel. Tender caramel aroma and silk sweetness of candy aftertaste give the drink pieces of real caramel. The tea infusion has a bright orange colour and a herbal flavour typical of classic rooibos.

Roiibos d'Orange

Roibosh, orange. The charming, bright colour of the drink rooibos in every drop reveals the secret of the sunny orange. Citrus ambergris gives the drink a unique charm, safflower flowers and make the taste soft and tender, and the aftertaste is long and unique.

Crimson sunset

Hibiscus, apple, raspberry. The romantic gentle pink infusion of the drink has a rare, multifaceted flavour of ripe berries, among which the raspberry sourness and mint freshness, which turns into a light aftertaste, are particularly bright.

Cherry candy

Hibiscus, "blackberry "... All the juiciness of summer gathered in a tea bouquet with a bright taste of delicate hibiscus and ripe blackberries. Rich, dense and deep color of infusion, like velvet, has a delicate fragrance and aftertaste of ripe berries.

Strawberry chic

Hibiscus, strawberries, kiwi. Light sourness of delicate cardade flowers and seductive, fragrant strawberries are elegantly combined in a tea cocktail, which has a soft infusion, charming aroma and delicate aftertaste.