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Since 2008, a new line of business has been introduced in the Tea World Company of Companies, aimed at providing packaging services for the tea and coffee range of products to third parties. Since then, we have gained extensive experience in launching Private Label packaging projects. At present we offer packaging of our own brands for retail chains, fast food chains, tea companies, companies engaged in promotion and business souvenirs (tea and coffee products with the logo of the customer's company).

Our benefits:

  • direct purchases of raw materials from factories located in all tea producing countries of the world, such as China, Sri Lanka, India, Vietnam, Kenya, Indonesia, etc.;
  • rich experience in working with suppliers of packaging materials, availability of time-tested suppliers of these materials;
  • experience in launching and producing our brands since 1998 (at the moment we have in our portfolio more than 150 SKU own brands);
  • consulting in development of optimum parameters of packing providing optimum consumer properties.

What do we offer Private Label customers?

  • pick the best blend formulation on request;
  • purchase of all components for your products;
  • product certification by our technologists;
  • Consultations on optimization of materials used for product packaging;
  • Full production cycle from electronic packaging layout to the finished product;
  • organization of delivery of products to the warehouse at the request of the customer;
  • flexible pricing policy depending on the size of the order placed;
  • providing payment delays to regular customers.

Our Private Label prepacking capabilities:

  • Weight tea in different carton packs 100, 200, 250g.
  • Weight tea in soft packing 100-500 g.
  • Weight tea packed Doy-pack
  • Packaged tea with a label in a carton packs in the version 25pack, 50pack, 100pack.
  • Packaged tea with a label in a paper envelope (sachet) in cardboard packaging in the version 25pack, 50pack, 100pack.
  • Packaged tea in silk or filter paper pyramids
  • Packaged silk tea in a metallized (transparent) envelope (sachet)
  • Packaged tea in rectangular pouches without label (Super Economical Variant) in carton packs 20-102 packs
  • Powder coffee packed Doy-pack
  • Cicory in Doy-pack
  • We consider packing of other raw materials given by the customer (dry kissels, sugar, cereals, medicinal herbs, dried berries etc.) on our manufacture.

More detailed description of the packaging options for your product you can get by downloading our presentation: Download Private Label presentation.

Contacts for advice and cost calculation of your orders:

Production address: 644036, Omsk, 1-ya Kazakhstanskaya St., 32
Tel: (3812) 51-39-04; 51-33-32 (ext. 161)
E-mail: buy03@teaworld.ru
Contact person: Andrey Vladimirovich Komarov - head of separate subdivision

We always welcome new customers. By placing a Private Label with us you save your time and money, get the most specific advice on all your questions.
We are waiting for you among our customers!