About us

Tea World Company was founded in 1992 in Omsk. Today "Tea World" is a large, steadily developing company.

Initially, the company was created only as an operator in the tea and coffee market. Gradually, the range of suppliers and partners expanded and the assortment changed. In 1995, with the launch of its own production (opening of a tea weighing factory in Omsk) the company reached a new level of quality. In 1995 the company "Tea World" registers the first own trade mark "Vdokhnovenie". The image of the new tea was created not by chance, but taking into account the real preferences of consumers: taste, aroma, infusion and strength color, harmoniously combined in the product.

In July 2005 the company released two more of its own brands: the most affordable leaf tea "Queen of Ceylon" and a collection of large leafy and packaged tea "Lubimyi Tea".

The company was one of the first in Russia to start producing tea in the pyramids, and in October 2005 a new trademark of the company "Tea World" appeared on the market - SVAY, represented in the premium segment. The teas of this brand are produced under license of the German company Svay Teegarten GmbH.

In 2007 the trade mark "Altyn" was presented. The range of teas includes golden tea standards. The assortment is constantly expanding. Now it is large-leaf, bagged and granulated tea from Altyn-Premium collection, as well as large-leaf tea in economical soft packing.

For lovers of fruit tea, the company has issued a trade mark "Fruit line". This brand represents a wide range of different teas with fruit additives! It is both black and green tea, herbal tea, as well as carcade tea. Different combinations of flavors in one package allow to diversify usual tea drinking.

The "Tea World" at formation of an assortment ruler of production always is guided by requirements of a wide range of consumers of all price segments.

The whole assortment is made of high quality products! Raw material for production comes directly from the countries of tea growth. The company works closely with manufacturers of Ceylon, India, China and other countries. Several times tea "Vdokhnovenie", Tea "Fruit Line" and tea "Altyn" became the owners of the honorary title "100 Best Goods of Russia" in the category "Beverages" and "Food Products".

The principles of the company's work are observance of traditions, attention to product quality, original tea blends and recipes developed by professional teatesters.